Friday, October 30, 2020

Two Legal Actions Pending For My Posts On This Blog

I have two legal actions pending against me for my writings centered upon Christian doctrinal disputes. The plaintiffs both chose not to go down the route of a full-blown libel case, but went through other means through the Puerto Rican court system for which they do not have to prove the untruthfulness of my posts.

Some observations:
  1. Vox Day is correct in stating that "free speech" never was intended to protect the Christian worldview. It will be interesting to see how the Judges decide to punish me in light of the religious nature of the dispute. I am 100% against Free Speech since it is rarely, if ever, applied uniformly.

  2. Even though I was born in Seattle, the US Territory of Puerto Rico equally discriminates against all its residents in its disregard for the First Amendment through the Puerto Rican Supreme Court. My only recourse will be the US Supreme Court, depending on how the Judge decides to punish me.

  3. Because the Plaintiffs chose not to go through a standard defamation case, the actual "truthfulness" of my claims are not the primary metric. The primary metric is that what I say is "offensive" and "demeaning." That is enough to convict me. The Bible is offensive by its nature. Speaking Truth is offensive by its nature.

  4. Anything that I have written in my blog is nothing compared to the tweets of President Donald J. Trump and much that goes on Social Media. Nothing in my blog comes close to being as offensive as the Prophets, Jesus, and the other writers of Scripture.

  5. Over the past 6 months, this blog averages 189 views per day. I don't consider that to be high traffic. It is likely my Facebook posts receive much greater attention if I were to use it. In fact, none of my friends or family regularly read my blog. Most people just don't care. By filing the lawsuits, all the evidence will become public record, including the posts that they deem so "offensive." Streisand Effect is in play.

  6. I know my writing effectively incorporates both the Dialectic and Rhetoric.

  7. I know that some of my most devoted readers of my blog are my enemies and their attorneys. Imagine hating someone so much that you have to read every single one of my posts because you are afraid of what they might say about you.

  8. The plaintiffs are completely incapable of publicly countering my truth claims, so instead they run to the Government to silence me.

  9. I side on the Catholics for mandating celibacy in its Priesthood. The risk of gay orgies is much less than Churchians too afraid to speak the Truth due to the consequences it will have on being able to feed their children. Luckily for me, I'm independently wealthy with "Fuck Me" money. I heard this from Adam Corolla. I will willingly hurt myself for a greater goal.

  10. The Plaintiffs' best bet was to simply ignore me, and I would just lose interest. Instead, they did the complete opposite. Conflict is the air I breathe.

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