Saturday, October 31, 2020

Using a Tablet With Attached Keyboard to Write Blog Posts

I have found that the inspiration to have thoughts come at the spur of the moment while reading an article. I will place the article onto Trello, and when I get to my computer, I will write something out.

The thing is that my computer is a very busy environment and it tends to get my very distracted. I have a 4k monitor, and then two additional 1440p monitors, and a 1080p monitor. The multitasking is quite distracting.

So, with a tablet, it is a much simpler environment that helps me focus on the writing. I may still get notifications, but the level of distraction is much less than it would be at my computer.

I also discovered that through the use of an OTG USB adapter, I can hook up a full sized keyboard. I prefer the MX Blue switches which make a nice clicking noise while typing.

Anyway, if I manage to get a fast, and convenient setup, you should be seeing a lot more shorter posts, perhaps similar to what you would see on a smart phone.

When I was using Facebook, I would just immediately "share" the post on my Facebook feed. My blog will most likely be in a similar manner, but with the typing speeds of a full sized keyboard rather than an android tap keyboard.

I can type upwards of 100 WPM so typing on an Android phone is excruciatingly slow.

The one thing that is a little annoying typing directly into the Blogger website through Brave is that the spell checker does not provide the correct spelling. It will mark that I spelt a word incorrectly but not list the correct one. I suppose this will improve my spelling.

The other annoying thing is that I remapped the Caps Lock key to backspace on my computer, and I have become accustomed to that. I'll have to look into figuring out how to solve that problem.

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