Sunday, October 25, 2020

What Have Protestants Conserved?

The same criticism is given to Conservatives. What have they actually conserved? Churchians share the same criticisms as Cuckservatives. It is true that Churchians are Catholics and Protestants.

But when looking at the doctrines between the two, if starting from the 1500s, which side has actually conserved more of the original teachings of the Church? For the sake of definition, when I say Protestants, I am referring to Protestants in the United States on average.

A Protestant counter can be stated, "Well my Denomination isn't completely cucked." Or that your specific church isn't cucked. What will happen when your pastor dies? They all get cucked. All Protestant denominations, by their nature, eventually get cucked. Even the patriarchs and Judges could not keep their game strong more than 2 generations.

What makes you think your Protestant churches or Denominations can? They won't. And if there are that exist, please let me know which have. (I'm assuming no one from the Amish are reading my blog)

Somehow the Catholics have been doing a pretty good job conserving the original faith and doctrines, at least on the Latin Mass side of things.

I suppose if I had no choice and HAD to do a Protestant church, I would try and copy the Latin Mass as much as possible. I would not be able to uphold the celibacy portion, but as a counter, I would need to ensure that all "Priests" were independently wealthy with enough "fuck you" money for them to not be concerned about providing for their family. Obviously, the Lindy effect proves this to already be an impossibility. If it could had happened, it probably would've. Historically, I don't think there's a very good track record with ultra wealthy Catholic leadership and them maintaining doctrinal purity.

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