Monday, October 12, 2020

When All Your Peers Are Scared Of Losing Their Job Too

It is only for the rare individual that are willing to sacrifice their children and their wife for the Truth of the Gospel. This is especially true for Pastors. I understand better the reason why Apostle Paul recommended that Christians remain celibate and unmarried. Specifically in the PCA, I wouldn't be surprised if numerous of their teaching Pastors have accumulated quite the student debt in their "Covenant Theological Seminary."

The temptation to compromise your faith for "the sake of your children" is too great of a temptation for most individuals. I would probably include myself.

Especially in a situation that could possibly cause you to "lose your job," you will most likely keep your mouth shut. How will you feed your children if you get fired or offend too many of the congregants that pay your salary?

If you piss off enough people, you could probably get voted out.

If you are in this compromised position, and recognize your own guilt in this, then when it comes time for you to cast judgment on your peer, who acted poorly due to his fear of not being able to provide for his family if he was fired, you would probably be more lenient. 

After all, it's one thing to enact discipline on a Pastor for their bad behavior. It's another thing to feel guilty that you are causing their children and wife to suffer as well. They're innocent after all! So you relent on the discipline due to the Pastor and the Pastor continues his wicked ways.

Of course, there are other homosexual problems when you mandate celibacy. 

We are all fallen.

I wish that all Pastors have "fuck you" money so that they can speak Truth without fear of "losing their job." But that's not the reality, and I think most Pastors today are more worried about maintaining their paycheck than actually speaking Truth.

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