Monday, November 2, 2020

122 Book Delivery From Amazon

I recently got one large delivery of book primarily fueled by Amazon's "Buy 2 get 1 free" book deal. There were probably around 40 packages at the post office we had to pick up and they threatened to charge us $1,000 if we used them as a warehouse again. Due to the wonky laws of Puerto Rico, my house does not have a physical address to have mail delivered to.

About 22 of the books delivered were not packaged very well, so they had corners bent on the book. After about an hour on the phone with Amazon, I was able to get a $70 credit. About six of the books delivered had some major damage or manufacturer's defect for which I will have to send back.

The most expensive books that I received are the Incerto series by Nassim Taleb (~$111) and Confessions by Augustine (~$70).

If I do video reviews of the various books, I may do a YouTube video instead, but I don't know if I really care enough to do so. Maybe for the more expensive books.

I still have quite a bit more books coming. I've been cataloging them on my goodreads profile:

I think more important than money are these books that I will be able to pass onto my children and grand children. This knowledge will serve them well if they bother to read, and I can rest easy that even should I die early, that they will be in the hands of intellectual giants that I have learned so much from and will learn so much more to come.

I particularly look forward to reading a "Modern Translation" of Confessions.

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