Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Negative Post about Sean Connery

We can always admire Sean Connery for portraying unapologetically masculine characters on the big screen, which is what most of the world has chosen to do on account of his recent death.

Whether this account for the life of Sean Connery is true or not, there doesn't seem to be anything in the description of his behind-the-scenes life that seems to far-fetched:
For one solid week I had this actor in the same room with me and thus learned way more than I wanted to about him, his social life, his vices, his hygiene, and his women. I am not predisposed to be awestruck by any celebrity, but this actor’s presence screamed "you will notice me and bow down before me."

One reason why I find it so believable is because I could imagine myself acting in the same way as Sean Connery if I shared his same attributes. I mean, why NOT?

He's Sean FUCKING Connery!

Do you think Genghis Khan had to ever worry about his personal hygiene?

Fortunately or unfortunately, I will never be able to share the same level of brain-numbness he did. My body cannot tolerate even a single serving of alcohol. Living inside a fraternity completely sober and witnessing the debauchery and sloppiness quickly eliminates any sort of "appeal" that kind of lifestyle could ever have. This includes the death of one of my brothers in the house who is believed to had fallen to his death while trying to pee over the 2nd floor balcony. Also, running night clubs and bars doesn't help either. There is no glamour.

Even when I went to the 10-day boot camp in Las Vegas, it was policy that when hitting on girls in the clubs that you remain completely sober.

In general, seeing girls "sloppy" drunk or even slightly drunk is a complete turn off from me. The drunk girl voice is really annoying to me, even in Spanish.

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