Sunday, November 1, 2020

Asian Immigrant Children Worship the State

Chris Roberts wonders if Asians will stay woke. 

In presidential elections, the Republican Party used to win the majority of Asian votes. Now it barely wins more than a quarter.

The answer is no. And they never were really "woke" to begin with. They import the politics of the country they are coming from, which, *surprise*, do not value Western Civilization.

The other reason is that Asians tend to remain in enclaves, without integrating, primarily along the Coasts. I am particularly familiar with the Seattle and Los Angeles Koreans. I will speak about them.

What pretty much happens is that the immigrant parents are too busy to really instruct their children. Assuming they are economic immigrants, they are in "search of a better life" which means they have to work more hours. They also tend to be less educated, because it is primarily the poor farmers without any real future in the Korean cities which go to the United States which they consider a better chance for them. City Koreans recognize the Korean red-neck accents and readily discriminate.

Because the parents are not really educated themselves, they venerate education as though it is Korea and consider it almost a religion. They are in America, so they wrongly assume that the public schools will teach their children how to be real "Americans." The classic, over achieving, Asian student stereotype applies. The belief is that if the child is super successful in school with test scores and grades that they will be able to land a corporate job, or government job, that secures their job into the future. (Reference the Japanese corporate model and high levels of suicide). The Korean immigrants do not want their children to carry on their business.

Public schools are factories to indoctrinate their children into Leftist ideology. Because these immigrant parents aren't smart enough to read the same material as their children, their children have no counter-narrative. Even if the parents did read and understand what was being taught to their children, it would be so foreign from their Eastern upbringing, that they would just assume it is "American" ideology. The children of these immigrants are then turned into raging Leftists with the blessings from their parents.

The Eastern Traditions of the Korean culture are thrown out, and replaced with Cultural Marxism.

The immigrant children are taught by their parents to venerate the education system. It is no surprise then, that the children believe everything that is taught to them.

In a joking manner, you could also say that they eat way too much soy infused products, which means they have lower testosterone, which means, they will be more like Leftists.

The only Asian I know from my Seattle days that has become woke has always had excess testosterone and participates in high testosterone, competitive sports. But, even he, has to stay incognito because to reveal himself would mean ostracism from the Asian herd.

In my particular case, I always had a knack for detecting bull-shit from my "elders" (including teachers) and my father, so I was always the one "talking back" and "disrespecting my elders." My social circles were always with the Whites, and because I knew I was going into the Air Force (probably never seeing any of those jokers again), I could maintain independent thought without fear of ostracism.

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  1. Japanese community is widely similar. This is tragic. Going to college can red pill Japanese more, because they are the 'acceptable bad guys' of 20th century history in Asia. Which forces them to dig more.

    Even the positive examples such as the Vietnamese community, when they 'become right wing' it means they are mostly capitalist Materialists. Vietnamese have a stronger advantage because high education in the refugees and a strong hate for communism.