Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sous-Vide Everything

For almost the past two years (when I found myself effectively single once again), I have been using the Sous-Vide cooking method almost every day. My primary go-to is ribeye steak. I have basically been eating ribeye steak every night for for the past two years. My current wife can't stand it. She's already sick of it, but I seem to have a knack for eating the same thing everyday. Breakfast and lunch have also remained the same.

For breakfast, I eat two eggs, spinach, and guacamole. For lunch, I have one egg, two strips of bacon and bacon. I will sprinkle liberally with some aged cheddar cheese.

This made it very efficient and streamlined for me to shop at Costco about once a month.

With the updated custody arrangement, I am now having to feed myself and my four children. If it weren't for Sous-Vide, I think things would be even more nutty. For my baseline, I can easily throw in my steak into the Sous-Vide bath water, and also any other meats that the children would want. I throw it in after lunch, and then after about 4 hours, it is ready for dinner.

I throw the meat onto my grill and reverse sear the meat with my flame thrower (weed killer). At the same time, I'm able to throw in something into my larger tabletop "air fryer" that can cook whatever pastry item one of my especially, picky eaters will have. It has a timer to turn off automatically. Sous Vide also acts in a way that it is very difficult to overcook (basically impossible unless intentional).

So pretty much, all the various meals are prepared beforehand, placed in vacuum sealed bags, and I can have some fairly high quality and nutritious meals ready to go for the kids to enjoy with minimal, active cooking. I just put it in the vat of water of Sous-Vide or into the electric oven that is timed.

Theoretically, I could have cataloged the "favorite" meals of each of the children, have them vacuum sealed and frozen, and then whipped out so that each child could have their "favorite" meal for that day. It just takes a little bit of planning and preparation in advance.

I would say it is very easy and quite pleasant to prepare the foods for my children and myself and I find satisfaction in seeing their happy faces enjoy my cooking. My stress level is minimal because I wasn't "slaving around the kitchen" for the hours leading up to the meal. I will note, that it is helpful that I know I have a housekeeper that will be coming by to clean the dishes. I will leave it to her to do the clean-up. This is also mitigated by the fact that I use plastic plates.

I recall when I was married to my first wife how much she complained and hated cooking. She was stuck in the mindset that she had to cook the same meal for everyone, and she was the pickier eater than all but one child. She thought that if she cooked a different meal for each person, then it would be more work. It is the mindset of working harder, rather than smarter.

This is another area in which her so-called "suffering" was predominately self-inflicted.

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